Pacific Coast is pleased to provide an online quoting system for our brokers. All of the modules have been designed to be as short and simple as possible – but still provides you with a valid quotation.

What benefit does this system have?

We believe that the benefit to our Agents who use this system is convenience. The system will send you a quotation in the form of an email direct to your inbox as well as to Pacific Coast. This email contains all of the terms and conditions of the quote, along with a copy of the questions and the answers you provided (which form the basis of the quote). Some of the products even allow you to take it to the next step and bind coverage immediately online.

How do I sign up for this service?

Once you have filled out the request form and answer a few key questions Pacific Coast will send you your login information.

  • Approval of your account is instant
  • The system will email you instructions on where to login
  • You will be given a unqiue and secure password

Can I contact Pacific Coast if I have issues with signup?

Yes, please contact Pacific Coast if you have issues. If any of our Agents have trouble with the online quoting and binding system we encourage calling one of our office found on our contact page.

I never got my username and password, what happened?

This system is approval based. If you did not receive an email but know you were approved you may have missed the notification email that was sent to you. Check your SPAM settings on the email address that you used for signup as well, since the approval email is automated it may have flagged as SPAM. If you still have issues getting approved you may have to contact Pacific Coast.