Pacific Coast E&S has taken advantage of an opportunity to consolidate our Pacific Northwest operations.  Our aim is to now streamline Northwest service through our office in Seattle, working in concert with our head office in Santa Rosa, California.

Serving your needs is always our immediate priority; our focus last week was handling your business without interruption.  Phone calls, emails and faxes are currently forwarded to seasoned staff members who are familiar with the markets we represent in Oregon. In fact, you may have already heard from someone about your accounts.

Your contact people are Carol Petersen and Hannah Barton in Seattle and Jerrod Olsen in Santa Rosa.  Our entire staff list is available here.

We will continue to communicate with you with more details, and will plan a visit with you soon to share news of our exciting new products, both personal and commercial.

In the meantime, please call or email us any time we can be of service.  If you would like to schedule a personal visit with me, please contact me at 800-772-8538 or

We thank you for your business and we look forward to sharing more about our new programs, and hearing more about how we may better serve your needs.

George Rothert